• Nourishing Newlands

    Nourishing Newlands

Services for this project: Renovation Finishes Cabinetry Project Management Interior Décor

My client had bought a duplex apartment in an upmarket, highly sought after part of Newlands with magnificent views! Cleverly designed and solidly built back in the 70’s, it was due for a total upgrade! She was ready to make it uniquely her own!

We agreed from the outset that whilst we would contemporise the entire space we would retain some of the geometric lines that were inherent in the original design and worked with opening it up as much as possible. From a structural point of view, her main concerns were …Light in the kitchen, light in the bathrooms and generally more light wherever achievable! A downstairs guest cloakroom needed to be created, where there was none and careful consideration was to be given to entirely new cabinetry throughout with special attention given to her study and additional storage requirements.


Being part of a tightly run, immaculate and secure complex the body corporate rules had to be strictly adhered to. Parking constraints, long access routes and the time permitted during the day required us to work out a cleverly timed schedule. Not a sound was to be heard beyond 2 pm!! This resulted in short days, but we managed to maintain an orderly site whilst working this all into our deadline!


The entrance and kitchen area on the ground floor received the greatest attention as we opened it up to create a link between entrance, dining, lounge and kitchen.

The old pantry was gutted to become a glamorous guest loo, whilst we divided the dead area under the staircase offering beautiful lines, with textured wall coverings, subtle lighting, floating cabinetry on both the lounge and entrance sides resulting in a satisfying combination of form and function.

These exciting colours and textures were repeated in select areas of the kitchen and the cloakroom. Our palette being, warm taupes, charcoal, silver, light grey and chocolate grey.

Dropped ceilings and bulkheads were fitted to add to the contemporary feel and to allow for downlighting in the main areas.

The height of the bathroom walls were substantially reduced to create a glass opening surrounding these areas, together with the main en suite. Here an introduction of light linear lines allowed for natural light to enter whilst completely changing the feel of this space.

Both bathrooms were completely gutted and remodelled to reveal two gorgeous spaces. Once again dropped ceilings were installed for dramatic effect and to house downlighting.


Everything starts with the choice of flooring! We worked with a luxury vinyl floor in the kitchen and guest cloakroom and continued the colour through in the plush carpet throughout the remainder of the apartment.

Tread lights were installed in the stairway wall, with a cylindrical glass hanging lightfitting on the landing adding to that touch of night time sophistication.
My client was brave and was comfortable working with a-symmetry, texture and colour…and we had great fun with all of these! Lighting, wall coverings, counter tops and our colour palette all balance to reveal a contemporary elegance.
The bathroom vanities each had their own distinctive feel. The main en suite done in moody blues, blacks and silvers and the guest bathroom in crisp whites and taupes with both vanities designed to bring a touch of bling into the equation!
The cabintery maintained a theme throughout. Slatted openings (once again both practical and aesthetic) following the horizontal lines throughout whilst allowing each cabinet to literally ‘breathe’. I designed the study around her specific needs.

Choosing fun chunky floating shelves in dark oak with the remainder sprayed in a soft duck egg. A really stunning combination! Here a subtle grooved line was brought into the main cabinetry.
All these dramatic textures and colours are mirrored in the remaining décor. The soft greys in the sheer curtaining and the custom made corner suite. The ambient lighting and artwork continues the warm blue grey theme with silver punctuating the space in the wallcoverings and selected objects d’arts.

What Our Clients Say

" The best going-away gift I received when I left PE for Cape Town in March 2011 was a phone number: that of Sue Lloyd-Roberts and her renovation business “Mint”!

Although I had some (limited) experiences in renovating accommodation in the Mother City thanks to my perpetual student son, I felt overwhelmed by the idea of taking possession of a 1970’s flat and making it into my own “forever” home. But from the first time I met Sue, I knew we were “on the same page” and that everything would turn out fine. She seemed to “get” me from the start and understood exactly what I wanted. More than that, she knew the how? the who? and the where? to make it happen as painlessly as possible.

Through all the weeks of planning and then of building, Sue took complete control of the process, calling in just the right members of her team at just the right times. And what a team!!! Architect, builder, electrician, plumber, cabinetmaker, painter, glazier and on and on – each was more patient and obliging and efficient than the one before. They didn’t have an easy time of it between a novice owner and a micro-managing Board of Trustees, but they simply got on with the job under Sue’s eagle eye for the smallest details.

If the transformation was exciting, it was the decorating part that was (as usual!) the most enjoyable, and here again Sue was generous with her advice and infinite knowledge of Cape Town and its service providers. As a result, now that the dust has settled (literally!) and the paint has dried, I am happily ensconced in a home that I am both proud of and comfortable in. "

Mel Herman