Fernwood Refurbished

The Illustrated Brief

  • Fernwood Refurbished

    This property had been sticking on the market for over six months and the client decided to call Mint in to make the necessary changes in order for it to sell and for him to make a profit.

    Working closely with the estate agent who had taken hundreds of potential buyers through, the recurring theme that presented itself and put people off, was that ‘there was just too much to be done’. Daunting for any potential buyer! My advice here was for the client to invest in the property in order to make a decent return. Not an easy decision, when you’ve bought elsewhere and you simply want to sell! We set about identifying the ‘problem’ areas and came up with a comprehensive, contemporary solution with upgraded finishes, in order to assist the sale. Each and every change had to add value to his home.
  • Fernwood Refurbished

    I advised that wherever the finish was clearly outdated, I was compelled to suggest the change. It resulted in creating an atmosphere of complete sophistication, without going over the top! These finishes would enhance the clean modern lines that the existing house had. A tremendous source of natural light already flooded in through the glass, courtesy of the double volume. This was its only redeeming feature considering it was located in Fernwood, which loses the sun early.
  • Fernwood Refurbished

    The face brick had to go…all the bathrooms had to be upgraded. The flooring and cupboarding also needed a face lift! All the walls were reskimmed and painted. We refined the lines in the kitchen and entertainment area by doing away with a lot of ugly exposed pipe work and opened this space up. By cladding the fireplace, we also added another exciting feature to an otherwise dull area. The front entrance also received a simple yet effective facelift and a water feature helped add to the overall appeal. The property sold and he achieved his price and a comfortable profit.