Corporate Class

The Illustrated Brief

  • Corporate Class

    The client’s expanding company required an entirely new floor to be designed complete with furnishings and decor. I was given broad creative latitude allowing us to depart from the more traditional tone and appearance of their existing offices to which we had previously given a full makeover.

    A new stage was to be set ... We had a fresh canvass from which to work: one huge room to re-design for their specific needs. The key was to allow as much light penetration to the newly defined internal offices.

    Once I’d presented the storyboard to the ladies due to move in to the area, we were set to create a functional, light yet gorgeously glamorous space for them to operate in. As always working in close consultation with the client and my architect, we looked at optimising the natural light whilst achieving privacy and a fresh uncluttered approach to this working environment.
  • Corporate Class - The Layout

    A central meeting hub with floor to ceiling glass panels and sliders was the starting point, around which all the other spaces were designed. We were briefed to create six offices and a break away section to lead onto one of the two balconies. Paying close attention to the sizes, we were able to maintain generous passageways which link and flow between the overall working areas.

    To maximise light and create a thoroughly contemporary feel, we went with glass sliders throughout, each linked, with a central white glass panel. Openings at the top, once again allowed the natural light to flow through, whilst affording complete privacy to each office space. Transluscent panels allowed us to play with natural filtered light, yet simultaneously ‘shutting out’ the remaining offices.
  • Corporate Class - decor and finishes

    Defining an entirely new working space for six equally different individuals presented an exciting challenge to address the perfect blend of comfort and style: zest for inspiration, but relaxed enough to achieve their best.

    A warm charcoal carpet replaced the dated brown hemp, with contrasting whites, silvers and greys all picked up in the furniture and surrounding walls. A neutral, contemporary and chic base from which to work, the added colour was woven into the scatters that featured in the breakaway section and in the glass meeting hub, featuring bold and deep, vivid purples, teals and ice blues. This together with the dramatic charcoal and silver wall covering in the entrance all lend themselves to a glamorous yet functional environment within which to work and thrive.
  • Corporate Class - decor and finishes

    My brief was to create an easily accessible wall unit to house not only files but all audiovisual and research material.

    Careful consideration was given to keep the space cosy and uncluttered; we designed an open 'boxed' shelving system against the grey walls, bringing in the purples, blues and silvers reflected in the scatters, all contrasting with the white for that extra bit of fun.
  • Corporate Class - decor and finishes

    For the breakaway section we designed a dinky corner suite, covered in metallic silver faux leather with two cubed ottomans upholstered in contrasting textures. This,combined with the vibrant scatters, resulted in a satisfyingly sassy combination of coverings. A lovely spot to sit and reflect whilst enjoying the views across the balcony.

    In the entrance area a fabulous recycling opportunity presented itself. A large translucent panel from the original office was re-used to divide the kitchen from the entrance - not only was it a perfect fit, it also created more interest and gave us more light to play with in an otherwise rather nondescript spot. We applied a dramatic charcoal and silver covering to two of the entrance walls, dressing it for a touch of glamour and success.
  • Corporate Class - Staff Stairwell

    The staff staircase linking the first and second floor also needed some spicing up. Formerly a fire escape used as a tradesmen’s thoroughfare, it now had to serve as a vibrant connection between the formal offices downstairs and the new revamped floor for the staff alone. Here again, I was invited to ‘play’ with the space. Long bland and blemished walls of a dull stairwell now gave way to the start of a gallery that will continue to display their innovative corporate projects.

    We set about looking at funky ways of mounting these photographs, working with canvass, wire art and unique frames of original shack roofing materials. Added to this an entire repaint of all walls and treads gave even more spice to compliment and reflect a young and dynamic team.

What the client said

"This was a great project given that we had an open space that had become available to us. We gave Sue more creative licence this time and we were excited with the concepts and designs presented by Mint and the bold ideas exchanged, which were quite a departure from our usual aesthetic. The team worked quietly and efficiently around us with their easy professionalism which made the renovation all the more pleasant.

Meeting everyone’s demands in an office scenario is never easy, but we are all thrilled with the end result, so much so, the Chairman and trustees wouldn’t mind moving in!"